Flowing in Matter

Workshop based on Surrealist techniques related to automatism. Using materials not conventionally found in painting, such as sand and plaster, we will be making automatic compositions that participants will later complete, employing various tools and objects. We will be reflecting on the concept of chance and its importance in the outcome of the works and - why not? - in each of our lives.

The workshop will be held in the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, but participants will be given the opportunity to visit the Miró-Picasso exhibition.

An activity organised in collaboration with the Artepaliativo community organisation.

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2 hours


Sant Joan de Déu. Mental Health Area. Outpatients Hospital. ITAKA


24 January 2024 at 4.30 pm


Young people with eating disorders being treated at Sant Joan de Déu


Free activity for patients at the hospital

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