One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas

Espai 13

Exhibition program
One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas
Curated by
Jordi Antas

The 2016-17 programme of exhibitions at Espai 13 presents six projects by artists who are working from the periphery of the usual circuits of contemporary art in Barcelona. They all address the issue of belonging to and breaking away from one's original artistic context.

The artists featured in the One Foot Out. Expeditions and Diasporas programme reflect on how working from a distance affects their art. They all share a liberated view of their surroundings and a working method that involes audience participation and approaches fiction and performativity. The programme offers a joint view of the artistic diaspora.

Espai 13 is a pioneering space that hosts projects by emerging artists and freelance curators. Since 1978 it has produced shows of over 500 artists curated by young professionals keen to cut their teeth in a public exhibition space that has been a launch pad for artists, curators and cultural managers.

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In collaboration with:

  • Fundació Banc Sabadell


Hot Iron

As part of the exhibition programme One Foot Out, Adrià Julià presents Hot Iron, a project based on a photographic archive compiled by Ramon Julià Alemany (1908-1994), who catalogued 556 Romanesque churches, most of them in Catalonia, between the 1950s and the 1990s. Using this archive as a springboard, Adrià Julià draws on extensive research and various conceptual strategies to explore the notion of transfer and the effects of the economic transactions involved in cultural imports and exports.

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