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The Espai 13 of the Fundació Joan Miró is an exhibition programme of emerging artistic and curatorial practices set up to meet Joan Miró's desire to create a space where new generations could present their work. Since its launch in 1978 in the foundation's Espai 10, our programme of emerging art has built up an extensive background in promoting local, national and international talent. Over the years, Espai 13 has become a veritable turning point in the artistic and professional careers of many of its participants, for whom it has represented a major leap forwards in terms of their professionalisation and recognition within the art world.

Through the Espai 13, as an observatory and barometer of the evolution of emerging art, the curatorship of a season of four solo shows based on a theme connected with contemporary artistic practice is commissioned every year. In 2023, the Yaby duo of curators was entrusted with the selection of the participating artists based on a commission to develop a season around the role of reading and its devices in their practice. What texts are the artists reading? And what is their approach and attitude as they do so? How are they deconstructing the written word as a cultural construct and the canon of literature and theory?

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Cycle: Kawaii! Japan today

This season the Espai 13 at the Joan Miró Foundation is opening its doors to young Japanese artists. Through the five exhibitions in the cycle titled “Kawaii! Japan today”, viewers are invited to discover some of the astonishing works by very young artists that provide a portrait of present-day Japanese society.

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Cycle: Once upon a time?

Films, installations, photographs and videos produced by Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains.Since it opened in 1997, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, has been taking in 24 students from around the world every year.

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Cycle: Angle of vision: 143º

Objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appearCurator: Montse BadiaOne of the principal features of present-day artistic proposals is that they raise more questions than they answer when it comes to the mechanisms needed to make us change, or at least question, our perception of things, our perception of the world in which we live and our perception of our own selves.

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